Emergence of an international network of young marine biologists

"Daniel Jouvance - UPMC International schools of marine biology" is an original scheme aiming to develop sessions focussing on themes in marine biology in countries where marine resources underpin the economy. Each session lasts for 10 days with a delegation of 8 to 10 French and international experts in marine biology and ecology or chemistry of natural substances, working to the following educational aims:
set up technical workshops to train students in basic techniques,
teach new concepts and methods to be put to use studying marine organisms and ecosystems,
whether for fundamental or applied research,
foster collaboration on certain themes to ensure sustainability of marine resources in the country in question.

CHILE 2011
First edition
Second edition
This innovative, original scheme involves the Daniel Jouvance Foundation and the University Pierre and Marie Curie, via its partner Foundation.

Contact : Mme Mélina MERCIER
Managing Director Tel.: +33 (0)1 44 27 80 33